An Urn, A Vase, a Temple Jar..

A half-dozen ways to revitalise your space

Fill them with flowers, show them on shelves, let them dazzle by themselves - the beauty of a good vase is its adaptability. A truly gorgeous vase can find its home anywhere in your house - as you see below, with six suggestions for presenting perfection.

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Dutch Delft Gourd Vase £45.00
Hutong Temple Jar £114.00 £79.80
Hutong Round Vase £150.00 £105.00
Four Tulips Tulipierie £100.00 £70.00

The entry

Welcome to an entrance with elegance. As soon as someone steps in they see the sophistication you’ve sought - the thought you’ve put into your home. Whether it’s a vase like the Hutong that seems like ancient stone or a selection of pieces like the Delft Bud trio, it’s an instantly ideal first impression.

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Peel Me a Grape Glass Decoration £354.00 £247.80
Le Grande Ginko Leaf £108.00

Your living room coffee table

Given its namesake, you might think something like the Hurricane Vase is too loud for a table - how will you ever hear each other - and yet here it stands atop a table with quiet dignity. Off-centre, holding a candle atop a set of hardback books - it’s magic. (And, as a bonus: how about the tulipiere on the table at the back? Blooming beautiful.)

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Thatch Point Woven Vase £78.00
Alfresco Gingham Check Tablecloth £90.00 £72.00
Delft Tulipiere Rectangle Vase £75.00

The table manner

Filled with utensils or bare as the day it was born (well, weaved), something like the Thatch Vase can be both the centre of attention and off-to-the-side with the salt and pepper shakers. Nothing so big that it interferes with conversation - nothing worse than having to tilt your head to talk to the person opposite - but something with enough substance to be a conversation while you finish your starters.

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4 Famille Verte Dinner Plates £414.00
Bulgarian Pottery Yellow Jug £84.00 £58.80
Artichoke Napkins x 4 £125.00

The bathroom

Whether they’re with live flowers or not, a piece of porcelain like the tulipierie vase can give a refined touch to your bathroom. It’s a sense of sophistication and style that’ll stun as the centre of attention in a small space and be a welcome addition in the background of a larger bathroom. 

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Handpainted Small Ceramic Pomegranate £47.00
Available in 2 colors

Guest bedside

Set a vase up to impress your guests on their bedside table. Good style may not be possible overnight - but any guest who stays over will appreciate the beauty from something like the Testa di Moro. What can we say, it’s ahead of the competition.

Bedside manner

When paired with a rose that’ll be with you when you rise, a piece like the Murano is a magnificent touch on any bedside table. Keep it just out of reach of any sleepy armspan and you’ll be grand. 

There are a million ways to display a vase, and these are just six ways to make it pride of place. Which will you choose? Are we missing a space that needs a vase? 

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