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Eight Beautiful New Kitchen Looks, From Classic to Contemporary

From going green to a multi-texture scene: these are our current kitchen decoration inspirations.

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Plants and friends

A kitchen doesn’t have to just be a place for ingredients or knives and forks - it can be a room for a lovely catch up. With the addition of some plants, your kitchen can feel alive and vital - the power of some well placed greenery around the scenery. Place some ferns between friends and some cosy cushions, and you’ll create a little haven. And of all the hangout spots, it’s the best for when hunger strikes. 

We’d suggest adding a fern near the sink, it will love the hit of moisture, or a trailing plant in some shelves can add interest and colour.

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Open shelving

Open shelving really opens up the space, and as a bonus, it gives you a chance to exhibit your excellent taste. Why have your collection hidden away behind doors or in the dark? And if you’re wanting for something to show off, why not try our glorious gin glasses or some of our tremendous selection of coloured tumblers? They’re made for a place that’s practical and pretty.

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Artists only

Why not make your kitchen a space where the culinary arts aren’t the only craft? Be it with splashes of coloured canvas or just your own mounted masterpieces, a kitchen can be a fine place to present your taste. Put a little something that stirs your emotions above where you keep your spoons, or cover the walls with your selection of framed favourites. And if you’re the creative kind, your palettes and paints can feel at home with your pots and pans. Just remember which is which, otherwise you’ll be eating some unhealthy greens.

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Storage with flair

Your kitchen can become overrun with the bits and bobs of everyday life - assorted batteries, the “one day spices”, your coffee pods and tea bags. Instead of plastic clutter taking up more space, a fine porcelain piece can provide peace. Our classic biscuit jars, in their timeless Chinoiserie style, are perfect for storing the little things you need. Storage doesn’t have to be purely functional - seeing jars as a possibility for more than just tidying up, can elevate a kitchen from good to great. 

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Blue is the colour

Something that blew our minds -≥ blue for a kitchen. It’s a colour that brings calm, whether it’s a deeper sapphire or a lighter cyan. It’s nice to seem like you’re by the sea. A few layers of pastel paint and the room seems relaxing and peaceful. We’re feeling calmer already.

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Raise it up

Promote your coffee table books to the countertop and utilise them as shelving. You’ll show you’re educated and your books will be elevated. Don’t just stop there though - if you’re looking to corral your collection and move things up a level, our rattan trays are the best way. With their intricate interwoven layers of fine rattan, they’re another example of supplying structure with style. 

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Multi-coloured, textured spaces

No more monochrome homes! Out with the one tone types and let’s see some vibrancy. When you’ve got the space to show off your colour palette or your affinity for textures, why limit yourself? Express yourself with a variety of your favourite tones and little touches. Any attempt at idiosyncracy - incorporating multiple colours and styles - can seem like a risk, but if you can pull it off you’ll have an utterly unique kitchen. 

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Bringing it all together

The sitting room shouldn’t be the only place that’s comfortable in your home. And minimalism is nice, but really, don’t we want a place to look like somewhere we live? A couple of cosy coverings can go a long way to create a comfortable space, where you want to stay, even when you’re not at the stove. And by adding some sophisticated storage options and a selection of your favourite artworks, your sense of style will show. 

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