Botanical Beauty: Three Reasons Why This Trend Is Growing

Why the natural style is internationally desired

The outdoors has made its way inside, with the botanical trend taking root in interiors everywhere. But why has this trend grown so great in recent years? We have a few ideas why…

The calm without the storm

A walk in the woods will always do you good; however, what with the weather, it’s hard to know when you can next go. So bringing a bit of the outdoors in gives us the best of both worlds - whether it’s pieces inspired by miracle leaves or wooden woven wonders, it’s a delightfully natural look that spares the dirt. You can bring even more life into your home with some choice plant pots, to help make an even more immersive environment. Speaking of green… 

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The versatility of viridian

Greenery scenery is always a hit. The green hue compliments copper and goes well with grey, so it can work wherever you wish.  Whether it’s glass tumblers on a counter or scalloped bowls on a table, the botany trend is amazingly adaptable. And it doesn’t just have to be the sight; the scent of the wild green yonder belongs anywhere. It’s the smell of a meadow that makes us feel at home.

Soft on green fingers

It looks good, it does you good, but it’s best when it feels good too. The best botanical-inspired pieces take what we love about the outdoors with none of the nasty surprises (bugs and thorns), and the result is the feeling of being enveloped in softness. There’s a wide array of ways to soften your space, but we’re partial to blankets and fir cushions.  

So that’s our three thoughts as to why trees have found their way back indoors. We’ve loads more guidance on interior design on our blog - from new kitchen looks we’re obsessed with to interviews with the greatest minds in interior design, such as this one with Trevor Pickett.

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