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Hutong Round Vase

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Tiber stone ceramic vase

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This handcrafted Hutong vase has an aged stone look, its coarse texture contrasting superbly against its gentle curves.

Handcarts and rickshaws stream to-and-fro down the narrow Hutongs of Peking. The smell of street food wafts from every other door, and in each courtyard craftsmen are plying their trades. This one is a potter’s workshop.

The capital city of the biggest and oldest nation on Earth was always bound to be laden with treasures, and Beijing doesn’t disappoint. Pre-covid, JJ loved visiting the historic Hutong streets, where every passage leads to a new delight. Another treasure is the Art District where the best of Beijing’s contemporary art and sculpture is displayed on the street for all to see. The Hutong Vase sculpts the many charms of the ancient city into one subtle yet gorgeous piece of design work.

JJ styles hers with sprigs of cherry blossom, but it’ll also look fabulous with palm fronds, or perhaps some pussy willow.