Creating a cosy living room this winter

Taking the decorations down can make the living room seem awfully bare. Whilst we can’t bring you Christmas every day, we can give a few ideas to keep that cosy vibe alive with your living room decor. 

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Make a comfortable cocoon (that looks good too)

You may have noticed it’s cold outside. With the weather becoming very mid-winter, all we want to do is hibernate under covers until we see Spring. A tartan wool blanket looks as good as it feels, and can either be draped over the sofa or wrapped around you as it gets colder. The beauty of quality cushion covers is they’re meant to be mixed and matched - from patterns of blue and yellow like this GP Baker to surreal velvet scenes, anything goes. Rooms should prioritise comfort, but there’s no need to sacrifice appearances when you can be stylish and snug.

Bringing the outside in

Every winter it’s the same bind - we want to have a wander outside but we’re sure to catch a cold. The fix we’ve found is to bring the outside in, by implementing rustic or natural pieces around your place. With woven wonders like rattan, the pieces are as durable as they are versatile - being as beautiful as stools around the house as they are chargers at the table. And it’s not just the look of the wider world we want to let in, without inviting the breeze - the scent of wild fig feels natural and fills the room with a beautiful fragrance. It’s a way of giving visual interest without sacrificing style (or causing a shiver).

The artist’s touch

The lights and tinsel may be back in the attic but that’s no reason to have your place feel bare. We’ve talked before about the wonder of a good gallery wall, and if you’ve got the space to spare, consider a blank wall your canvas. Use fine frames like this Marquetry or an appropriate Azure Wood selection. Then, if you’re looking to add a bit of visual interest, something like a Dappled Vase can make the flame dance across the room. But if you’re looking for the tiniest touches to tie it all together, a small set of candleholders could be your solution.

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Your living room should feel alive and welcoming - at Casa by Josephine Jenno, we’ve many ideas on how to get more from your decor, such as incorporating a gallery wall or advice about interior design from the best in the business.