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About Us

Josephine Jenno (JJ for short) believes every item in your house should be timeless, and nothing encapsulates everlastingness like the pieces found in galleries and museums around the world.

Meet Josephine

Take a quick peek into JJ's home, and in a matter of moments, you'll discover an object that unveils a facet of her life, love, or passion.

As you enter the hallway, you’ll be taken aback by the collection of paintings and prints that exemplify her devotion to the arts and its history.

In the sitting room, it’s time to get nosey — curiosities big and small, all with their own stories of people and places from the four continents she’s called home.

The dining room embodies JJ’s hospitality, with seats set out for friends and family — a table dressed in all the wonder of the mad hatter and elegance of a Venetian palace.

The documents in her study boast accreditations from Christies and letters for the Vatican Museums. On a different day, you might find JJ at the desk, investing in one of many start-ups that empower women.

Breeze through the bedroom, look in the kitchen and kick back in the sitting room. Each room will unravel a little more of the common thread that runs through JJ’s house — a love for beautiful interior design; and as a lucky visitor, she now shares the gift with you, through Casa by Josephine Jenno.

Circular Economy

Casa strongly believes in aligning with values and practices that distinguishes them from the crowd.

The basis of JJ’s creativity has always leaned into inspiration from the artistry, cultures, and histories of the world. It is because of this insight, respect to the craft and appetite for preservation that JJ conducts Casa by JJ with a socially responsible and ethical approach. From the pursuit of timeless styles that stand the test of time, to creating collections that help vintage wares find new purpose, to embracing a buy-back program that ensures no ornament goes unloved, Casa acts on the foundations of a circular solution — here to make strides and inspire positive changes to the environmental crisis whilst helping transition a “throwaway” society into a more thoughtful one.

We Are Carbon Neutral

JJ is a big advocate of being consciously creative and taking a stance on sustainability.

Constantly learning to improve Casa by JJ's operational emissions through its different facets, JJ is is all about making business choices that doesn’t come at the cost of the earth. Starting with sourcing responsibly, Casa by JJ is loving local and puts working with UK suppliers a priority. When European partners come into the picture, JJ ensures they’re aligned with our ethical values; collaborating with them to find the best way to reduce waste and their carbon footprint. Additionally, Casaby JJ provides it's team with the flexibility to work from home to cut down emissions from commuting and learning how to be energy efficient.

Driving Equality

JJ is passionate about bringing beautiful items from talented designers, makers and creatives, inspired by her global travels.

Not only in the pieces we offer, JJ wants to shine a light on both past and present design, through blogs, interviews and features. In doing so, Casa by JJ wants to bring smaller, local creators to the fore, giving them a platform to display their pieces and discuss their craft and inspiration. We’re always looking for talented designers and creators so reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you.

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“I knew the moment Josephine said she was launching a tableware company that I would want everything in it. Going to their showroom is like an Aladdin’s cave of fabulousness and you just want everything!"

Andrew Nicols Founder Tulumio

“Such a lovely, eclectic mix that feels quite unique and I think there is something there for every budget which is always a joy.”

Samantha Todhunter Top 100 Interior Designer

"This Christmas I decided to treat my family and bought as gifts, all super appreciated and admired for their versatile attitude: for example the stag bowl - it was meant to be for jam, I used it for parmesan, my sister in from Scotland said “thank you so much! gorgeous this is perfect for brown sugar for my porridge”! Francesca Andrews

Francesa Andrews

"My temple jar has made me so happy. My grandfather collected Blue and White ceramics and this reminds me of him. Casa by JJ is now my go to place to for all my gifts to everyone I love".

Gillian Quek Founder Caboodle Dog

"Unique products and large variety of accessories. Like the selection of gifts are nice selection for a retro motif. I do like the store because I always find something different from the other places".

Lisa Bowen

“I love their timeless beauty and how their pieces bring a room to life”

Victoria Cator Founder Victoria Cator London

"Thank you for showing me how to bring colour into my house. I’ve painted the walls in colour and with these beautiful pieces I feel so much happier".

Nadia Bonham

"I was lucky enough to be invited to their showroom. I purchased this bowl and it adds beautiful colour and texture to my house. Everything in the showroom is lovely."

Belinda Davies
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