When Interior Designers Feel a Room is Lifeless, This is What They Do

How a couple of little additions can make a plain room beautiful. And make your home truly yours

We are all fans of updating our space in the smallest ways. Whilst we know the truism that true style endures while trends fade, we'd like to take a moment to visit the 2024 updates that aren’t only fresh - they’re the future too.

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4 Blue Cabbage Dessert Plates x 4 £192.00 £134.40
Painted Small Terracotta Jug £69.00
Available in 3 colors


Well, you know it, I know it, but millions of people on Instagram don’t seem to. Those minimalist, dull samey Instagram interiors will be upgraded with pops of colour this year, and it’ll be a relief to all of us. A sign of a true style: something eclectic, collected and curated. Here’s a glimpse of our colour collection. 

For the Love of Stripes

From the French Riviera in the 1920s to Audrey Hepburn and Jean Paul Gautier, stripes have always stunned. The enduring appeal of the stripe is never so relevant in interiors as it is this year: it’s a style that’s so versatile. Let your imagination run outside the lines with

our current stripe collections

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Cinco de Mayo Mugs - Set of 4 £54.00
Green And White Delight Cushion Cover £55.00 £38.50

Geometric Shapes and Squiggles

Be gone those spaces with three square shapes! Not only are we layering texture and materials, but we’re going further - with forms of all shapes and sizes. It’s all about giving a different angle to your house - an instant update that’s the right amount of chic. Here’s some of our favourite strange shapes

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Whichever direction you go with your home, make it unique: somewhere only you could make but everyone can enjoy. And we’d like to help you on your way. For more guides - such wise words from designer extraordinaire Victoria Cator or eight ideas to reinvigorate your kitchen, visit our blog. You’ll be glad you did.

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