Revitalising your kitchen space

A change to your kitchen might feel like too much work - something you keep putting off. But big changes don’t need a sledgehammer and planning permission to take hold; waves can be made in several easy ways.

A corner for coffee

A coffee station in your home is something we’ve been seeing more and more, and there’s no denying that a mini barista station stops your space from seeming sparse. Show you know your beans with the right pieces: be it espresso cups, beautiful mugs, or milk jugs. You’ll be set to have lattes til late.

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Painted Small Terracotta Jug £69.00
Available in 3 colors
Espresso Mugs Set of 4 £20.00
Check Out This Green Mug £18.00

A social space

If you’ve got a breakfast bar, this can blend (see what I did there) with the above to make it a hangout hotspot. You’ll be just like the friends from Friends. The first step is to make it feel homely - that means cushions on the chairs and art on the walls. A fine frame can highlight your favourite pieces and bring character to your place - and who doesn’t appreciate a comfy cushion? Finally, some little touches to bring visual interest - a vase or two might be for you. Particularly if they’re a certain shade, which moves us on to our third tip…

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Delft Tulipierie Vase £85.00
Cardella Marquetry Frame 6x4" £34.00
Bridgeton Vase Azure £648.00
Photo Credit: Country Living Magazine

A green scene

It’s the colour of 2024. We want green around the scene; perhaps it’s the love of the outdoors making its way inside or we’re just appreciative of green’s ability to go with anything. In fitting with tip #2, why not have green pieces meant for a group. Gather guests around and stun them with enchanting emerald pieces, from cutlery to glassware, mugs to jugs

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Artichoke Esque Vase £294.00 £205.80
Blue and Green Stripe Cushion Cover £138.00
Bulgarian Pottery Green Jug £84.00

We can’t tell you what to cook, but we can tell you what taste works in your kitchen. We’ve a few more ideas for kitchens on the blog here, or if you’re more inclined to reading interviews, here’s ours with architect Johnny Roxburgh

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