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Discover our carefully curated collection of tableware. Featuring gorgeous glassware, porcelain plates and luxurious linings, our dinnerware brings the fine dining experience to the comfort of your own home. Made with the highest level of craftsmanship, our range of boutique tableware is not only functional but a fantastic feast for the eyes. Shop the collection now.
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Classic Amber Glass - Set of 6


Salt & Pepper Shakers- Persian Pomegranate


Rosy Red Scalloped Tea Plates - Set of 4


Glorious Green Scalloped Tea Plates - Set of 4


Glorious Green Scalloped Bowl - Set of 4


Vintage White Wine Glass - Set of 6


My Maroon Tablecloth


150cm x 220cm
180cm x 270cm
180cm x 340cm

Green Dew Drop Jug


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