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New Born Turtle Salt Cellar and Pepper Pots with Spoons - Pair

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Two mini turtles with plate shells and spoon ideal for salt and pepper

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Seashell condiment trays, carried through the waves and across the tablecloth by silver turtles. Dainty mother-of-pearl spoons complete the ensemble.

Seabirds bank and wheel around the rocky peaks of the mysterious islands. Remote and untouched by man, the Galapagos teems with unique and incredible creatures. Paradise awaits!

Sailing back west though, the vogue for luxurious silver furnishings properly took off in mid-17th Century Europe. The fantastically wealthy nobility had nearly run out of things to spend their money on when they were saved by a new trend. The Sun King and his French court began commissioning solid silver furniture on a grand scale - chandeliers, statues, and even tables and benches. Unfortunately, later kings, facing hard times, ordered them to be melted down to raise funds. How ever did they manage... No matter, you can still get a taste of that imperial exuberance with these silvery servants.

These guys are undeniably aquatic. Pearl, seashell and turtle? What's not to love...

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