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Casablanca Hand Cut Crystal Red Glasses x2

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Hand-cut red crystal glasses.

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A set of hand-cut red crystal glasses: of all the gin joints in all the world, you'd find these in Casablanca.

There's a reason everybody comes to Rick's. Both the patrons in the 1942 film and the viewers in the decades since find the same spirit within. It's classic and it's romantic - and almost the definition of timeless.

The history of hand-cut crystal glass tells a similar story of longevity and beauty. This sort of style has been seen since the sixteenth century, and only becomes more dazzling as time goes by. When the intersecting style combines with that deep red colour, you understand why. It's as passionate as the love between Bogart's ex-pat and Bergman's betrothed.

This set would stun at a dinner party. Why not round up the usual suspects and make it a date?

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.