Designer Victoria Cator

In a few words (or more, if you'd like), tell us about your design style. How would you describe it? What makes it "yours"?

Classical with a minimal twist.

What is your most treasured possession? Do you have a story behind it that makes it special?

My photo albums.

What do you think are the key elements of a well designed room - the things a designer has to get right?

Scale, proportion, light and having a focal point.

Photo Credit: Victoria Cator

You walk into someone's house for the first time. What's the first thing you notice?

The scent, followed closely by the temperature..

What do you love most about Casa by Josephine Jenno?

I love their timeless beauty and how their pieces bring a room to life..

Do you have any quotes that stick with you, words that you live by?

Follow your passion and dreams and don't be daunted by setbacks.

How would you describe London in a few words?

Bustling, vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan.

Who is your greatest inspiration? Have you ever met them?

My Mother, although she passed away over 20 years ago, I still feel inspired by her values, energy and remarkable taste.

Moro Heads or Parrots?


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Enamelled Pretty Polly Parrot Candlestick - Left £534.00 £374.00

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or design - key lessons you take, conventional wisdom you disagree with?

Do one thing and do it really well, make it original and the best it can be so that is stands out from the rest..