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Bridgeton Vase Azure

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Porcelain vase with pastel patterns of flowers with accents of gold.

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An alluring Azure vase promising romance and passion, with pastel patterns of lilting flowers and accents of glorious gold.

Whilst we can't promise Rege-Jean Page, live out your Bridgerton fantasies with this Regency-Style Vase. Both would look equally beautiful holding roses in your living room.

A style that's ostentatious and Austen-adjacent, this vase captures all that allures about the nobility of the early 1800s. The calming pastel pattern suggests Emma, of full flowers born to blush unseen. The light blue behind the flowers suggests the sky on a Spring day - or perhaps rising water. Because the gold of the base and the rim are far more Dangerous Liaisons, all the peril and mystery of high society. A beautiful encapsulation of the fantasies, luxuries and intrigue of a fascinating era.