The ski lodge life at home - bringing the mountain to you…

Accessorise with cosiness in mind

It's half-term next week, and we know that many of you are heading to the slopes for a week of skiing. And whilst the slopes have our hearts racing, we’d be lying if we said the lodge wasn’t our favourite part. It’s the kind of relaxation you don’t get at home - well, so we thought. 

Bringing that lodge feeling home is all about recapturing cosiness. And nothing's cosier than making a fresh hot chocolate in your new favourite mug, lighting a scented candle, and sinking into velvet cushions with a warm woollen throw. Insulated from the cold world outside, in a comfortable cocoon, with all your senses satisfied - that's the lodge life. Who needs the Alps?

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Burgandy Velvet Cushion Cover - With Tassels! £210.00 £147.00
Fir Green Velvet Cushion Cover - With Tassels! £210.00 £147.00