Designer Samantha Todhunter

Photo Credit: Samantha Todhunter

In a few words (or more, if you'd like), tell us about your design style. How would you describe it? What makes it "yours"?

As a design studio we endeavour to create interiors suffused with an easy modern glamour, we like to turn tradition on its head and make it relevant to modern living without losing any inherent integrity. Hopefully, timeless, interesting and definitely not generic. (or beige!)

What is your most treasured possession? Do you have a story behind it that makes it special?

I absolutely love my collection of Constance Spry vases and planters, they look divine en masse or as the hero centrepiece on a console table planted with spring bulbs. I can't narrow this question to one thing though, my Jean Roger Grenouilles are beloved and also a small collection of Casa Pupo lamps!

Photo Credit: Samantha Todhunter

What do you think are the key elements of a well designed room - the things a designer has to get right?

Comfort, play on pattern and curating furniture and fabrics effortlessly so a room feels un- designed

You walk into someone's house for the first time. What's the first thing you notice?

Probably atmosphere.

What do you love most about Casa by Josephine Jenno?

Such a lovely, eclectic mix that feels quite unique and I think there is something there for every budget which is always a joy.

Do you have any quotes that stick with you, words that you live by?

Less is more and More is more!

How would you describe London in a few words?

Vibrant and interesting.

Who is your greatest inspiration? Have you ever met them?

Impossible question!

What are your favourite Casa by JJ pieces?

Chelsea Bird side plates, Turtle Salt & Pepper & Bridgerton Bird Bath.

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Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or design - key lessons you take, conventional wisdom you disagree with?

Don't follow the crowd - be yourself.