Big dreams for small bathrooms

Luxury bathroom design in no time

It’s strange how often we overlook the bathroom when it comes to designing a home, because if an architect did the same we’d be furious. But particularly in modern homes with smaller, often separate bathrooms, we let the narrow walls close in on our ambitions. But we’ve some solutions as to how to make a smaller bathroom everything it can be. 

Mirror mirror

A good bathroom does allow for a lot of reflection - don’t tell me you’ve never had life-changing epiphanies whilst showering - but there’s a growing trend that dismisses the magic of the mirror. You’ll find a lot of ‘cool’ places don’t have a mirror anymore - they prefer a sign that says “you look great”, which is nice, but from time to time we all need to check our hair or pluck our eyebrows, and we can’t do that with just a positive attitude. So that’s our endorsement for a mirror: something truly quality that reflects well on you and reflects you well. What’s more, a mirror well-presented can expand a space to seem like it’s bigger than its boundaries - perfect for those cosier bathrooms.

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Everything in its right place

Small spaces call for compact solutions. Not just because you might not want everything spread out like you’ve got ready in a hurry, but also mess can make a cramped space feel even smaller than it is. So we’re suggesting stylish storage - a few trendy ways to keep things tidy. Whether it’s keeping the small things safe or having some order for your ointments, what was once functional can now be beautiful: be it colourful and eye-catching or a porcelain piece of perfection

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Your cosy corner

Whilst you don’t want your bathroom to feel cramped, the alternative isn’t much better - a cold, unwelcoming steel and tile space. We’re talking about a cosy and welcoming environment that says “well, come in” - meaning top quality rugs that feel like heaven beneath your feet and wonderful candles that are scented sensations. We work with the space we have, but that shouldn’t limit our desire to make our place a space we love. 

Those are just a few little things that can make all the difference - and turn your little bathroom into a place to spend time in. Not too long, obviously, that’d be weird. 

And if you’d like some more suggestions for home alterations, we’ve got you covered - whether it’s regarding outdated trends or wise words from someone as versed as Samantha Todhunter, we can help.