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Palm Tree Tablecloth - I Dream of Genie

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A palm print tablecloth with green and white accents. Available in 3 sizes.




4-6 seater: 150x220cm

8-10 seater: 180x270cm

12-14 seater: 180x340cm

Size: 150x220cm

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A beautiful block-print tablecloth depicting a palm tree with the finery the tree deserves.

The palmyra palm tree, the Swiss Army Knife of the desert. The palm tree provides paper, food, shelter, clothing, and an iconic silhouette. Whilst the tree's fruit may be sweet, it can take decades to provide. That may be a valuable comparison if anyone at the table is complaining dinner is taking too long.

The cloth's borders emphasise the palm's green and pale gold palette. Layers of seeded dots are sown in rows around the perimeter, intersecting vines and fallen leaves in columns between them. The result is detailed and distinctive: much like palmyra itself.