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Colefax and Fowler Azure Leopard Print Cushion Cover

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If leopard print is the new neutral, then lets take it to a new level: an adventurous azure leopard print cushion cover, courtesy of Colefax & Fowler.

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A leopard never changes its spots, but leopard print style never stays the same. Our azure blue print blows the tradition out of the water. What's odd is that whilst leopards don't change, the meaning of their pattern in fashion has. From wealth status in Ancient Egypt to the faux fur in the sixties, the style has always got our attention. But a twist: here that ferocious pattern's spots aren't black, but rather calming blue. The same rebellious pattern but a little bit more pacified. You can spot this pattern in JJ's sitting room, tamed, and adorning her ottomans. (The cushion covers, not a leopard.) (Usually.)