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Criss Cross Rattan Tray


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Criss-Cross rattan breakfast tray

Bring Soul and story to your home with our heritage designs. Celebrating exquisite craftsmanship.

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A serving tray of intricately crafted rattan in a criss cross interlocking style. A gift from 19th Century Vietnam, the land of rattan.

In a rural commune once known as Phu Hoa Trang, an affinity and technical ability with bamboo can be found. The villagers pass down techniques from generation to generation. They share a weaving process that brings families together.

The eccentric Emporer Thanh Thai of the Nguyen Dynasty respected his nation's workers deeply. He feared their low morale during the occupation of the French, and longed to raise his peoples spirits. To recognise the talents of his artisans, nine senior weavers received honorary titles. Their work was respected as vital, and the durability of rattan has meant centuries of people have appreciated their work.

The versatility of rattan means you're spoilt for choice of placement. Let it rest your drinks in the living room; use it to store your most used oils in the kitchen; have it hold your lotions and potions in the bathroom. For JJ's money, the best use is "service à la française". Add a vintage cloth to the base and bring it outside to provide cutlery for a bit of a buffet.