How to style a casual table

Looking for a way to spice up your dining room decor, or just want to know how to design a dazzling table setting? We've got you covered with our guide for how to host a casual dinner that's sure to impress your guests.

If there’s one question we get asked the most, it’s how to smartly style a table and still have it seem effortless. It’s understandable: we want our dining room to feel sophisticated, yet still comfortable. We’ve some guidance for how to present tonight’s dinner, and how to do it with flair, care, yet still seem laissez-faire. 

Fabric Foundations

Let’s start with the tablecloth; it’s the first thing you put on after all. Go for a natural material for your cover - linen or cotton. When it comes to colour, muted tones are the tonic for an ambient atmosphere because they’re elegant and timeless. 

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Simple Sophistication

Modern sophistication is all about simplicity. It shows confidence in your colour selection, and lets the quality of your wares speak for themselves. That said, if you’re looking for a little bit of eclectic design, mixing and matching makes for a dynamic look - why not try vintage glasses with modern plates, or vice versa?

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The Perfect Centrepiece

As for the centrepiece, the old adage rings true: less is more. You want something that’s a focal point, not an elephant in the room. Whether it’s a group of candles or a bouquet of flowers, keep it simple. Understatement is a skill: like Miles Davis said, it’s not what’s there: it’s what’s not there.

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Your Personal Touch

Personalisation is the heartbeat of hospitality, and you can’t get more personal than one-of-a-kind pieces. Something handmade and specific to you’s sure to give an extra layer of warmth to your dining room decor, but remember: it’s your party. What would you like to see?

Because that’s the goal: to have a lovely evening and share some food and a few laughs with people you care about. To create an atmosphere that’s welcoming and says “well come in”. In that spirit, whatever makes you feel at ease is the right thing. Feel free to disregard or swap in other pieces if you think it’ll make your night just right. Have a lovely evening!

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