Green Bamboo Tumblers

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Green glass tumblers - Set of 6

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Bring Soul and Story to Your Home with our New Artisan Designs.

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Whilst made in Europe, this bamboo glass takes inspiration from a forest half the world away.

Above and all around you, hundreds of square miles of luscious green. So all-encompassing it seems like an sea, The Anji Bamboo Sea ignites the imagination. It certainly did for Ang Lee, who set (and shot) his masterpiece "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" here. The rustling of the trees, the lapping of the lakes; it is a place of folklore, fairy tales, and about forty different species. A place to make you believe in magic.

Designed in Denmark and hand blown in the Czech Republic, master craftsmen ensured every element was perfect. As green as the 'sea' that inspired it, if you listen you can hear the music of the forest within the glass. So long as the glass is empty, obviously, otherwise you just get a wet ear.

Lay a table with these all year round, for rosé and relaxation, but the outdoors is where they really shine. Sipping your favourite cocktail on a sunny day, sitting in the garden, watching the world go by. Peace.

Available in green, blue & pink.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe on a delicate wash program (40°C maximum), but we recommend washing by hand to keep them looking beautiful for longer.