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Italians Do It Better Glass Tray - Brown


Delft Tulipiere Rectangle Vase


Veronese Marquetry Frame, 7x5"


1 Frame
4 Frames

Peacock of Paradise Vase


Zangandi Marquetry Frame, 6x4"


Di Morra Marquetry Frame, 6x4"


1 Frame
4 Frames

Saharan Dreams Monkey on an Ostrich


Bridgerton Table Centrepiece


Italian Woman with Lemons


Delft Tulipierie Vase


Veronese Marquetry Frame, 6x4"


1 Frame
4 Frames

Mount Emei Chinoiserie Bowl



Three Delft Bud Vases


Italians Do It better Glass Tray - Yellow/Green



Italians Do It Better Glass Tray - Blue


Small Blue Mermaid Vase


Olive Green Dream Photo Frame- 6x4"


Deep Blue Marquetry Photo Frame- 6x4"


Italians Do It Better Glass Tray - Red


Large Mermaid Vase Blue Pottery


Petrol Blue Umbrella Stand


Hand Crafted Blue Vase


Cézanne Porcelain Still Life Pair of Candleholders


Green Green Vase For Home


FOC Parrot


Indigo Planter


Four Tulips Tulipierie


Dutch Delft Gourd Vase


Enchanted Forest Photo Frame- 6x4"


Morning Rattan Hand Woven Tray - Large


Painted Trinket Temple Trail Tray


Lemon Cone basket


Odyssey Shell Centerpiece


Chrysler Building Scent Bottle - Small


After Picasso Hands


Sweet Tweets Candle Holder Centerpiece


Seeing Stars Candleholder - Set of 2


Flight of Fancy Painted Trinket Tray


Blue Seas Umbrella Stand


Brigerton Vase Azure


Peel Me a Grape Glass Decoration


Medium Banana Leaf Plume


Chrysler Building Scent Bottle - Large


Le Grande Ginko Leaf


Thoth Red Candle Holder


Testa Di Moro Head - Turquoise Times Not the White Lotus Kind


Moro Head - Gold Sweet Cheeks


Madame De Ning Nespresso pod/ Storage Jar


Gift Card



Taj Rattan Stool



Can I purchase individual pieces or are there sets available?

Our glorious range of tableware is available to purchase as sets, with some items available to purchase
individually. Our stunning collection of tableware features glassware, crockery, linens and dinnerware to give you and your guests that fine dining experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Is the tableware collection suitable for everyday use or special occasions?

Our boutique range of tableware is not only a feast for the eyes, but also functional for all occasions. From casual dining, intimate evenings or extravagant dinner parties – we have a collection for you.

Is the tableware collection eco-friendly or sustainably sourced?

All pieces from our tableware collection are produced with an ethically and socially responsible approach in mind – creating beautiful products at minimal expense to our environment. Read more about our values and commitment to creating a circular economy here.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on the tableware?

Whilst we are passionate about our products, and are sure you will be too, all of our tableware pieces are
available to ‘Try At Home’ with our 90 day return guarantee (if you aren’t completely in love with them).

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