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The Grand Tour Bust Sculpture

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A resin vase in the shape of a classical bust statue, 64cm tall.

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The Roman Campagna was a mysterious and beautiful place in the 18th century. Scenes of Italian farmers living among Ancient Roman ruins captivated the visiting European nobility and, as a result, it became the most painted area in Europe.

In Britain, the Georgians fawned over old Roman artefacts from the Continent. Young aristocrats would often bring them back to Britain from their Grand Tours, where they would travel Europe immersing themselves in history and culture. These often finished in Rome, which must have been particularly exciting for all these young nobles who’d been reading about the Empire and learning Latin since they could walk. We like to imagine this bust being brought back to Britain by a handsome young Georgian, taking pride of place on his mantle to show off to guests.

For a mysterious, post-human look harking back to the ruins of the Campagna, we suggest planting a String of Pearls succulent in the top of the vase and allowing it to flow down the bust. The white and green will contrast beautifully.