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The Four C’s Party Tray

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Shell dish with crab attached caviar, champagne, conversation and chic! Everyone wants to come to a four C's party.

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This silver crab’s sole duty is to serve with his little mother-of-pearl plate.

After a long day luring sailors to their deaths, your little crab butler offers up a platter of chocolates – cherry liqueurs, your favourite. He found them amongst the wreckage of one of Tuesday’s ships.

This cute little coastal number is ideal for the Four C’s: Caviar, Chocolate, Champagne and good Company. A little tabletop trinket, such as he, is bound to impress the guests, especially if paired with some of the other oceanic ornaments on offer. Seriously though, this fella is as stylish and charming as he is versatile. We’re sure he’ll take care of you.

As for uses - it’s a little tray darling, do we really need to tell you what to put in it? Caviar to kumquats, grapes to garnish, it’ll all look fab.