Testa Di Moro Head - Blue Destiny (Not the White Lotus Variety) Bust Statue

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A surreal blue hand-painted Sicilian vase in the shape of a woman’s head. Who is she? Read below...

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The sunny Mediterranean countries always seem to produce the best love stories. Perhaps the light & loose clothing, fine wine and the region’s stunning natural beauty have something to do with it.

This love story is from 11th Century Sicily, a land ruled by the Arabs and Moors of North Africa. A pretty, young Sicilian maiden is gardening on her balcony when below walks a noble young Moor, who is taken by her beauty. They fall in love but it is not to last, for soon he must return home… to his wife and children! Enraged, the lady beheads the Moor and uses his skull as a plant pot, so she will always be with her lover.

Thus began the Sicilian tradition of head-shaped decorative plant pots. Of course, it would also work as a fruit bowl, or a potpourri holder, whatever you see fit. Display this showpiece with pride and she’ll charm your guests just like she charmed that unfortunate young Moor.