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Tall Gold Pinecone Finial - Small

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Tall Gold Pinecone Finial - Small

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Noble & stately bronze artichoke finials, frozen in time, never to bloom…

These beautiful bronzes hark back to Ancient Greece, a land of fine wine & loose clothing, strapping Trojan heroes & the Face That Launched 1000 Ships. It’s really no wonder that the majority of their mythology consists of godly love affairs.

As one legend goes, a beautiful Greek woman named Cynara was courted by none other than Zeus himself - she really must have been beautiful. Unfortunately for the Big Man, it wasn’t meant to be, and the mortal Cynara chose to return to visit her family on Earth. Zeus, jilted & enraged, sought revenge by transforming poor Cynara into an artichoke. Toxic relationships aside, this is why we love artichokes. They’re the Greek gods’ gift to beauty.

JJ tends to steer clear of Christmas kitsch, preferring rather more tasteful ornaments on the table, such as these finials. For the rest of the year, they’ll snazz up any bookshelves, mantles, windowsills, or the like. It’d be a real shame to put them back in the box until next Christmas…

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