4 Sacred Bird and Butterfly Mottahedeh Archival Revival Dessert Plates

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Sacred Bird (dessert)

Bring Soul and story to your home with our heritage designs. Celebrating exquisite craftsmanship.

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Lush, gold and orange plates that swirl and swim in motifs of plants, birds and butterflies. It seems a shame to cover them in food, but hey, that’s what the plate's for.

Two hundred years ago, artisans in China came up with a plate that combined traditional Chinese patterns with Western shapes and colours, in order to improve their overseas exports. They did such a good job that, 200 years later, their designs are still for sale.

The soft understatement of the patterns belies their intricate & delicate detail, which spans the whole plate. It’s important to JJ that beauty like this is preserved for future generations. Why should these incredible designs be restricted to being ultra-valuable, unusable, antiques? By reviving historic designs, like this plate, we’re helping to preserve incredible art history & longstanding traditions.

The warm colours on display evoke a breakfast on a chilly autumn morning (at least it’s warm inside). Marmalade on toast and a pot of tea before you take the dog for a walk in the crisp morning air.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe although we recommend washing by hand to maintain these pieces for longer, especially with their metallic decoration.