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Praying for your Caviar Tray

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Shell plate flanked by silver Prey Mantis

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Mother of pearl seashell platter, held aloft by two dainty mantises. Don’t be fooled though, these silvery servants are stronger than they look.

The roomful of craftsmen is silent, only the careful clink of tools can be heard. Outside, the sun lashes down and the window screens cast thick shadows across the floor. The Sultan demands pearls.

Carved pearl has always historically been a luxury for the elite. One Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet the Conqueror, was even buried in a coffin plated entirely with mother of pearl. We all deserve nice things, a treat from time to time, but a pearl coffin is probably a little extravagant for us nowadays. Instead, treat yourself to this pearl tray, held by two silver mantises. A touch of that sumptuous Eastern luxury for your dinner table.

These loyal mantises are at your disposal, ready to hold whatever takes your fancy. JJ uses hers to hold the grapes for cheese boards, but why not caviar? Or, when no one is looking, chocolate buttons?