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My Favourite Marigold Tablecloth

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A yellow and green hand blocked tablecloth with marigold detail. Available in 1 size and suitable for a 8-10 seat table.


Size: 180 x 270

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A vibrant tablecloth from Jaipur that celebrates the sunflower with a fitting zest.

Suryamukhi: the flower of the sun. Does anything brighten the world more? The wide face, the stretching petals, the way they seek the sun like holidaymakers [or Mel Gibson in the movie "Ransom"]. Sunflowers are an embodiment of energy, a celebration of light - a symbol of pure joy.

The layered border has seven tiers of intricate patterns - an elegance that harkens back to the splendour of Jaipur. It is the kind of place that turns scientists into poets: famed physicist C.W. Raman proclaimed it the "island of glory". That grandeur is celebrated here, the intricate edges combine with the childlike joy of blooming sunflowers - a meeting of old and new alike.