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Juliette's Floral Tablecloth (180x270cm) (8-10 Seater)

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This hand-stitched, block-print table linen is the product of ancient artistic practice that still takes your breath away today.

Size: 180x270 cm

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Jaipur's truly unique, and the markets are what makes it magical. Incense alights your senses across this space - once exclusive to royalty, now for all to see.

The block print style started in China, but the method flourished in India, thanks to a hundred generations of artists who utilised their steady hand and calm head to blockprint beautifully, and passed their knowledge down. We are thankful they did.

The vibrant colours of this cloth mean it's perfect for a family gathering - in the sunshine as the base of a buffet, or as a scene setter for someone's birthday.