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Janina's Floral Tablecloth

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This table cloth, depicting the most vibrant sprawling foliage reaching across its block-printed linen canvas, is inspired by one of Jaipur's secret gems.

180x270cm, 8-10 seater

180x340cm, 10-12 seater

Size: 180x270 cm

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The Jaipur Wholesale Flower Market is an understated miracle of the city. Bags filled to the brim with the most stunning chrysanthemums and marigolds you've ever seen seem to cover the area, as for a few short morning hours, the street becomes an impromptu garden.

Steady hands and a patient mind are needed to create cloth this captivating: at every step, from preparing the canvas to block printing and hand stitching, an artist's spirit is essential.

Inspired by the vibrant market, this piece can be a base for a buffet for a bustling gathering. But if you're w feeling a little different, you can eschew the noise and crowds and have it be a base for a romantic night in between you and your love.