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Italians Do It Better Glass Tray - Red

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Red Glass Trinket Tray

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A glass tray in ruby red, almost transparent, through which you can see centuries of Venetian craft.

The City of Canals never stops revealing more depths. The home of the Medicis, the gondolas and lagoons, holds a history of glass craft that was the envy of the world. It is a history of heat and love, a passion for perfection, told here through seductive red.

By the Crusades era, glorious glassmaking was synonymous with Venice. In 1291 the equipment crossed the water to the island of Murano and made it home. In the 15th century, glass-blowing genius Angelo Barovier invented Cristallo: almost colourless transparent glass. By the end of this century, Venetians sought a better life in Northern Europe and took their craft with them. They founded factories to share the skills learned at home, and the world is all the more beautiful for it.

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