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Handcrafted Forever Pumpkins Set of 3 - Large

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Set of 3 wood effect pumpkins

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A set of three adorable hand-carved wooden pumpkins, about 10cm by 10cm in size.

Mankind has been making little wooden ornaments since the dawn of history. Toys for children, idols to be revered, or – like these cute pumpkin sculptures – simply because they look kinda neat.

JJ loves handcrafted pieces because they’re that much more special. They haven’t come out of a factory mould; yours is unique, and great care was taken in crafting it. No home is complete without a few handcrafted trinkets, so why not give these ones a go?

Although they’re seriously seasonal items, that doesn’t mean you can’t display them all year round. It’s when they’re all gathered on the dining table for a special meal that things start looking wintery – spread out around the house, they’ll just come across as regular ornaments. Nothing is ever fixed in place!