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Green Globe Murano Vase Cleo Wave

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Vase Cleo Wave

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A large glass vase, hand-blown in Munaro, with a shape that flows like the waves beneath Venice and a marvellous green accent.

A city build upon bridges, interconnected islands: this is where the magic happened. Venice's prowess at glassblowing takes inspiration from the Romans, skills from the Byzantium Empire, and tools from the Orient. A medley of magical work, millennia in the making.

In 1295, Venice gave their glassmakers a deal. For their work, they were to be above the law: privileged beyond comparison. In exchange, they could not leave the island of Munaro. The secrets of their glass-making were so valuable to the industry of the island that they could not allow their talents to spread. This was the paradox of the glass craftsmen: lavished like royalty, yet captive like convicts.