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Four Tulips Tulipierie

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Vase Anouk Tulip Large

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A Delft blue and white four stem Tulipierie; an ode to a social phenomenon.

What started in China, was carried by the Ottomans to Europe, and cost craftsmen ten times their yearly earnings? A single tulip in 17th century Netherlands.

Tulpenmania was catching: a malady caused by the demand for this status symbol. The flower was worth more than its weight in gold, with people trading their livelihoods for just one beautiful bulb. But to hold four? And have them presented within a delicate Delft tulipiere? You would be like a king.

Whilst traditionally, the bulbs would sit inside the chamber of water, that isn't necessary now. JJ recommends taking advantage of the (comparably reasonable) tulip market and using cut stems.