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A Dream of Rose Tablecloth (180x270cm) (8-10 Seater)

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This hand-printed cotton table linen with its perfect palette of rosy red was made possible through the remarkable block print process.
Size: 180x270 cm

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Johari Bazaar: a world-famous market in Jaipur, where jewellers jostle for space to sell their goods. It's a space for one-of-a-kind wares and treasures - one of which we have here.

Handprinting and handstitching require a steady hand and a patient spirit: that's why this tablecloth is the work of an artist. It's as intricately impressive as any watercolour, and echoes the work of the thousands of artisans that came before and laid the way.

When the table linen is this well-made, it's ready for anything - but we feel it'd be best used on date nights. The red can't help but stir up passion.