6 Bamboo Trim Dessert Plates - Set of 6

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Bamboo Trim Dessert Plates

Bring Soul and story to your home with our heritage designs. Celebrating exquisite craftsmanship.

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These pure & simple dinnerplates are edged with a bamboo design on the rim, giving them a little extra texture.

The Arashiyama bamboo grove lies just outside Kyoto. As the towering bamboo sways in the wind, the stems clatter against one another, creating an otherworldly, uniquely Eastern sound. There is nothing quite like it.

Few materials are as versatile as bamboo. Consider how popular a common, perfectly straight, pliable, lightweight and seriously fast-growing wood would have been in medieval Europe, they’d have been all over the stuff. That’s why it's so thoroughly used in Asia. The bright colour of bamboo and its visually interesting, ridged appearance only furthers its appeal. Now we couldn't get all the benefits of bamboo into a dinnerplate - it's certainly not pliable or fast-growing - but the soft colours of the bamboo border make it a winner nonetheless.

Just like the material, a bamboo design is one of the most versatile patterns in the world. These plates can be paired with just about any style & contribute to any aesthetic. JJ says get mixing and matching!