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Blue Dahlia Placemats x 4

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A set of four blue and green floral print placemats.

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This placemat is host to a wilderness of delicate blue dahlias in bloom.

Jaipur, the pink city. An island of luxury and power imposes itself over the dusty hinterland. What delights await in the capital of the Land of Kings?

The glory days of Jaipur were marked by successive royals and nobles building the most lavish and opulent palaces money could buy. Gardens blooming with life and colour, while fine frescos and colourful motifs adorned the interiors - and they could soon grace your home too. Each of these intricately designed placemats is inspired by the sumptuous tastes of the Rajasthan royalty, so if you crave an interior fit for a king, look no further.

This tasteful & dainty floral design will wind its way across the table, charming and captivating your guests. Unlike their hand-painted ancestors, these mats are hard-wearing and wipe-clean, so be sure to get plenty of use from them.