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Hand-Knotted Aztec Print Rug - 5x8FT

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A handsome hand-knotted and hand-printed rug of 100% cotton - but it isn't just a labour of love: it has history woven right through it.

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Hand-printing is an ancient skill, traced back as far as five thousand years ago in India. The technique has persevered, and modern artisans still create the classic way - why fix what isn't broke? Through threading knotted or woven cotton together with patient precision, masterpieces are made. Here, that masterpiece takes inspiration from the Aztecs and their symbolic symmetrical patterns. Make it the centrepiece of your lounge, or find inner peace with it as your place to meditate.

Due to the hand-printed nature of this rug, it may vary slightly from the photos. If anything, it makes yours more unique.