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Aqua Rattan Chargers x 4

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Rattan round underplate

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A handwoven placemat that represents thousands of years of craftsmanship, with a blue tightly knit style.

Remnants of rattan furniture were first found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs - offerings for use in the afterlife. In retrospect, given that the style survives to this day, it was impressive prediction of rattan's enduring use.

The Roman Empire found the material malleable, and demand spread. How rattan design went from Egyptian tombs to London rooms is as intricate as its weaved pattern. It is a history of connecting across divides, of teaching interlacing patterns to form strong bonds. These specific placemats were made in the villages of Vietnam, and we are proud to support their work.

You can have these in, out, you can shake them all about - they bring colour to any table anywhere. JJ's tip is to layer them on top of a fabric placemat and tablecloth - but if you want to create a natural feel, have them by themselves.