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After Manet (Parrot Without a Woman) - Left Sided Candle Holder

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A ceramic candle holder in the form of a parakeet perched atop an old branch. This one faces left, and speaks only the truth.

Variants: After Manet (Parrot Without a Woman) - Right Sided Candle Holder

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Oh good, back here again. He wasn’t sure where “here” was, or what was going on, but he’d been there for a fair few days now. The pink lady would stand next to him, very still, for ages at a time. For some reason. It wasn’t terrible, just rather boring. At least he still had a nice juicy oran… Oh bother.

In 1866, Edouard Manet completed one of JJ’s favourite paintings – Lady with a Parakeet. Manet was a pioneer on the verge between Realism and Impressionism, and this piece was one of his earlier works, full of tantalising hints of styles & ideas yet to arrive. This candleholder is JJ’s tribute to the great artist, its hand-painted plumage representing the splendid colours on display at the height of impressionist art.

This delightful fellow is part of a pair, Left & Right. He won’t necessarily get lonely on his own, but we can see the two of them looking fabulous together at either end of a mantlepiece.

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