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Dutch Delft Gourd Vase

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Set Of 2 Large Dutch Delight

Bring Soul and story to your home with our heritage designs. Celebrating exquisite craftsmanship.

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An antidote to unease; a Dutch Delft gourd vase that looks as good as the luck it brings.

If you're in the habit of breaking mirrors, a gourd would be good. Chinese feng shui suggests they counter malevolence, transforming ill intentions into positive energy.

The classic figure eight shape is a revered symbol within Chinese culture, with connections to the celestial. Little wonder that the rounded gourd became imbued with similar energy. The form became associated with Shou Lao, the god of longevity, who is often depicted drinking an elixir of life from the vessel. Whilst it may not bring immortality (that we know of), the benefits of the vase's benevolence are as sprawling as its pattern of blooming flowers.

You can add blossoms to boost the beauty of these, but they add a certain chic with or without them. In any room, at any time, everyone could use a few more flowers and little more luck.

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