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Rijksmuseum Blue and White Candle Holders (Pair)

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A pair of dazzling Delft pottery candlesticks. Classic chinoiserie.

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While staying in Amsterdam, JJ fell in love with (among other things) the Delft pottery on display in the Rijksmuseum. This design of this piece is actually licenced by the Rijksmuseum themselves, a shining example of Archival Revival making historic design available to the people.

The picturesque, but unassuming town of Delft came to dominate the market for Eastern-style, chinoiserie pottery after the death of the Chinese emperor led to a supply shortage. They couldn't make porcelain exactly, but they could use a tin glaze to make their pottery look incredibly similar. In the end, the Dutch filled the market niche for Asian goods so well, that even once trade resumed, Delft held sway over the trade.

Delftware is iconic, beloved by many, and the reason? The same as it always was: it looks great. The fusion of Western craftsmanship with Eastern inspiration has resulted in timeless pieces that work in all kinds of homes. Where would you put these pieces? You don't normally think of candlesticks as part of a breakfast table spread, but if you have any other chinoiserie pieces they'll fit right in and add an elegant aura to your mornings.

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