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Delft Tulipiere Rectangle Vase

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Blue and white porcelain brick vase with floral detail

Bring Soul and story to your home with our heritage designs. Celebrating exquisite craftsmanship.

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Delftware tuliperie rectangular vase. Designed for displaying flowers, if you hadn't guessed from the name.

While staying in Amsterdam, JJ fell in love with (among other things) the Delft pottery on display in the Rijksmuseum. The beauty and charm of the pieces on display captivated her, much like the city itself.

This gorgeous and unique piece is actually an archival Revival of a piece on display in the Rijksmuseum. For JJ it's a huge priority that classic, renowned design is available for people to own and cherish. For Delftware in particular, the fusion of Western craftsmanship with Eastern inspiration has resulted in timeless pieces that work in all kinds of interiors.

Delftware is iconic, beloved by many, and the reason? The same as it always was: it looks great. This piece deserves pride if place on a windowsill where it can glow in the sunlight, along with the pretty flowers you could arrange in it.

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Delft Tulipierie Vase



" I’ve been on the hunt for a tulipiere for years and this one is just gorgeous. I spied it at a friends house and not two minutes later had I ordered my own. The cherub is a lovely addition to this super chic piece. "

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Amalfi Coast Vase

"Perfect in my kitchen."


" Perfect in my kitchen. "

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Delft Tulipiere Rectangle Vase

"Absolutely Stunning!"


"I first came across this Tulipiere whilst visiting a friend for lunch and taking her tulips. She immediately produced this beautiful Delft Tulipiere. I was so happy to receive one for myself for Mother’s Day a few weeks later. I am now giving them to friends for their birthdays as it looks absolutely gorgeous and each one has given a lot of joy! Thank you."

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" I recently purchased and installed the Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist for my mountain bike. After reading the the reviews of other hoists from Rad and Racor, I chose the Delta because it had the least negative reviews. I love the way this bicycle hoist works and am very happy with it. "

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