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Pretty in Pink Tablecloth with Scalloped Edges

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A floral print tablecloth with baby blue/lilac, pink and white accents and pink trim. Available in 3 sizes.

Please note, the fabric of this tablecloth is light weight. 


Size Dimensions


4-6 seater: 130x260cm

8-10 seater: 180x300cm

12-14 seater: 150x400cm

Size: 4-6 seater

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A tablecloth of block pattern print with scalloped edges, drawing upon thousands of years of influence.

Exquisite architecture is everywhere in Jaipur. The opulence is perhaps expected, given that it is the capital of Rajasthan - a state translated as "Land of Kings". Every avenue, every block, every palace, feels embedded with elegance. Yet it is idiosyncratic as a city, largely through the distinctive paint on the buildings. The colour gives Jaipur its nickname: The Pink City. With the arched edges, the opulence is overwhelming - a testament to success.

The patterns harken to the glory days of Jaipur; to riches and royalty. It is the kind of place that turns scientists into poets: famed physicist C.W. Raman proclaimed it the "island of glory". That storybook idea is shown here, through examples of the Jaipur flowers - the lotus and the marigold.