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Murano Pink Tumblers

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Delicate Diagonally Striped Water Glass - Set of 6

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Glass made Venice rich, and Murano made Venice’s glass.

Over generations, Venetian glass became the envy of the world, peaking in the late 15th Century. In order to protect the secrets of Venetian glass, the City decided to move the whole industry to a smaller island a short distance to the north – Murano. There, the craftsmen could ply their trade in peace, away from the bustle of the big city, while the officials kept a close eye on comings and goings. As a result, Murano is the glass capital of Venice even today. It’s a cheerful, charming and colourful place - just like the glass that makes it so famous.

These vibrant tumblers burst with Murano colour, and are sure to add shimmer and joy to any occasion. Slosh in some lemonade and chill out on a summer Sunday afternoon.

Care instructions: We recommend washing these glasses by hand.