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Dancing White Mouse Double Candleholder

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Mice Double Candleholder

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A helpful mouse around the house, holding up your candles the best he can.

If you've seen Catch Me If You Can, you'll recall Christopher Walken telling (in his own idiosyncratic way) a parable about perseverance. It goes: two mice fall into a bucket of cream. One gives up and drowns. The other doesn't. He struggles and turns and churns that cream into butter and escapes. A story of spirit that his son (Leonardo DiCaprio) takes as license to con, but that's by the by.

This little lad's doing an honest job. He's helping you light up your life. Good going, little guy. If you've not been convinced by Ratatouille about rodents dealing with food, perhaps keep him away from the kitchen or the table. But the mantle or the bedroom could keep him busy.