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4 Blue Cabbage Dessert Plates x 4

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Blue leaf cabbage dessert plate

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A striking ceramic cabbage leaf dessert plate of blue and white Chinoiserie design.

Are you struggling to get your five-a-day? With this plate, cabbage becomes the literal foundation. So you can at least *say* you have healthy plates - no one needs to know about the carbonara that goes on top.

Before the invention of the photograph, capturing reality was the mark of true artistry. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, a popular replication was one we'd all recognise: food! The difficulty in recreating the (sometimes literal) fruits of the Earth required tremendous skill. Here, it's the leaves of the cabbage with its intricate folds that show artistry - recreating the shapes of the soup staple. Yet, despite depicting the leafy green, it's actually blue and white: the classic Chinoiserie design. It makes this the most elegant cabbage leaf you'll see today.

The piece comes in both dessert and dinner plates and can be a fine centrepiece for your table.

Care instructions: Wash by hand.