How To...Style A Green Table

Whether you’re can't wait for St Patrick’s Day or you just find a green scene serene, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we recommend you style a table using a palette of glorious green.

Fabric Foundations

It's the first thing on the table, so it's the first thing we'll focus on. We always recommend table linen made of high-quality fabrics such as linen or cotton: they just look crisper for longer. A lighter shade of green gives a relaxing feeling to proceedings, whilst a botanical based base layer gives a plethora of options for floral patterns.

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Themes Of Green

When planning a theme or motif in your designs, it's always worth asking: what does the colour mean to you? We talk a lot about applying themes and ideas that bring our designs together, but it's because this is a great opportunity to express yourself. When we think of greens, we think of lush fields and healing herbs: in a word, life. Evoking that spirit with flesh flowers in fine vases is our favourite way of showing that.

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A Wide Palette

Coordinating colour is a dance of compliments and contrasts. The human eye can see more shades of green than any other colour, so we've got options to work with: emerald, lime, olive, apple: delicious. For a healthy contrast, browns give an earthy juxtaposition: whites and golds a more regal affair.

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When it comes to the table essentials - tableware and glasses - only use what you'll use during the meal. It just makes life easier. Plus, it's another opportunity for expression through accents: small slivers of green that don't overpower the scene.

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Remember, it's your design: if there's anything you don't like from our suggestions, feel free to disregard it. We'd love to see your green scenes - we're always excited to see what other artists do with their canvas.

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